After HouseMarque, Nixxes Software Joins Playstation Studios

playstation studios
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After Acquiring Housemarque, The Developers of Returnal Game, NixxesSoftware is joining the playstation studios officially. 

Hermen Hulst, Head of Playstation Studios announced this with a tweet today. Hermen said "The Talented Dutch studio Nixxes Software will be joining the Playstation studios. He further said that "its a real pleasure to welcome a team with such deep technical expertise and vast experience to the huge playstation family" and it finally ended the talks with a congratulations to the studios. 

Here is the tweet by Hermen Hulst making this huge announcement

Sony Is Very actively acquiring big studios and this indirectly tells us that it is planning something big and exciting for the future. The future of games on playstation is going to be a great one, as all the talented studios are joining playstation studios. After the acquiring of Housemarque studios, many gamers even came up with a image of Playstation acquiring the Blueprint Games, but it is neither announced nor officially confirmed.

This was all about playstation studios welcoming Nixxes Studios to the team. 

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