Rainbow Six Seige Extraction Delayed Until Next Year

rainbow six seige
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Rainbow six seige extraction which is going to be to the main installement in the amazing tactical shooter rainbow six seige series by ubisoft, is now delayed to next year and the team shares the reason why they have delayed the game.

 Rainbow six seige extraction is not going to arrive until January 2022. It was revealed this year when only few days were left for the Ubisoft Forward 2021 event which was held in the first week of June 2021. 

The developers also shared the reason for this delay. They said that this extra time will be used to bring out one of the most immersive, thrilling and cooperative experience to life as this rainbow six game is going to be a truely unique and impressive game in the rainbow six seige. So, this extra wait seems to be worh it if we are going to get a game with a next level experience of  tactical shooter. 

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Rainbow six siege extraction is a cooperative multiplayer game in which all gamers must work together to combat and defeat a type of parasite like appearing aliens called the Archaeans. It supports up to three players. The players will be assigned with different objectives. Once the player completes their objectives, they need to  choose whether to extract themselves, or explore the next sub map. 

If you explore the next sub map, them this new area will be more difficult than the previous map, but players will also receive more rewards if they complete them successfully. 

If the players start extracting early, then this  ensures that all the operators will remain safe. If an operator is made to fall down by enemy, they will become missing in action, and players cannot play as them in the character until they succeed in rescuing them in an extraction mission.

  This was all about the rainbow six seige extraction release date. So, we need to wait until January 2022 for the arrival of this next and most unique game in the rainbow six siege series.

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