Microsoft Store Is Giving Away War Race Game For Free, But For A Limited Time

free games on microsoft store
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Yes, you read that right, the microsoft store is giving away a game from the few free games on microsoft store  and it usually costs $30, but for a limited time, you can grab it for FREE !!

The game has a quiet long which is "War Race - Destruction Drive, Extreme Real Racing Simulator: Car crash and shoot racer, Demolition derby drift driving, high-speed city drag race, and monster truck battle with police chase ops" this is the complete name of the game.

The game is a action and adventure game, developed and published by Action Portal, LLC. The size of the game is 444MB. 

War Race is a game with crazy entertainment and features armored car battles. You have to  Choose a battle car, equip it with powerful a powerful weapon and a well protective armour and drive to the starting line.

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The players can fight on various locations with the equally crazy racers. You have to bring maximum damage to your rivals by crashing and shooting their cars.

The battles are furious and it will cost lives of the weak fighters. That's why you are to fight your rivals in a legendary way. After combats, you can upgrade your car or buy new cars with even more power. Buy different types of armor to make your iron steed and unbreakable.

"War Race usually costs $30 on microsoft store, but you can have this game as one of the free games on microsoft store till June 26, 2021". Go ahead and grab the game now. 

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