Top 6 Things We Want in GTA 6 From RockStar Games !!

Firstly I want to give a Tribute to the Two Gems of Indian Bollywood Industry who have passed away Recently. Mr. Irrfan Khan and Mr. Rishi Kapoor.
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Irfan Khan and Rishi Kapoor


Now we Return to our Topic.

GTA 6 is the most awaited game of the future and it's last part that is, GTA 5 is a huge success and the most played game.
Now the GTA 5 will Complete 7 Years in September 2020 and it is still the favourite game of everyone. When it was released on PC, then the people enjoyed the game by installing mods and most of the people still play GTA Online with their friends.

I have 6 Points that Most Of Us would like to see from the Coming Grand Theft Auto 6 or GTA 6.

So, we are starting the list in the Reverse Order :

6. Vice City

gta-6-city-name, gta-6-city-map

The GTA Word Majorly have Three Cities. First is the Liberty City which is based on the New York City in the US, Second is the Vice City which is based on the Miami City in the US and Third is Los Santos which comes in GTA San Andreas and GTA 5 and it is based on the Los Angeles.

These Three Cities are loved by all the People who play GTA Games but if we talk about Vice City, Then people have a different craze for this City.
The GTA Vice City is Still played and enjoyed by most of the people.

But Most of Us want to See the GTA Vice City with Modern Graphics as we have seen the Modern Graphics of Los Santos in GTA 5.

We want to see GTA Vice City also with these Realistic and Modern Graphics in the GTA 6 Game.

The Rumours are also coming that there will be Multiple Cities in GTA 6. Maybe, All the Three Cities would be included in GtA 6.
Do You Agree with This Point or Not ? Tell me in the Comments.

5. The Release

This is the Point because of which many gamers are angry on the Rockstar Games and this trend is continued from the time of GTA Vice City.

This Time, The RockStar Games should do that when GTA 6 is Released on the Next Generation Console, The PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X, Then on the same time or in very less time, it should be Released on the PC. It will make the Gaming Community More Strong. 
I think the game is released lately on the PC for the Less Piracy of the Game.

4. Cross-Play 

I think that this Point is Very Important. What happens in GTA 5 is the PC Players Play with the PC Players, Xbox Players with Xbox Payers and PlayStation Players with PlayStation Players.

But Now, The trend is Changing, Most of the Games like PUBG, Fortnite, etc are now Cross- Platform Supported.
I think the that GTA should Also take a step in this. 
Now with the Coming of the Next-Generation Console, Most of the Games will support Cross-Play and GTA 6 should be one of them.

And if GTA 6 will have the Feature of Cross-Play, then if your Friend have a PlayStation, Xbox or PC, he can play with you in the multiplayer mode.

3. Console Mods

I Think Most of You will agree with this point of mine.
If the Game is on PC, The Biggest advantge the Players have is Mods. They can install Mods of different Heros, Villains, etc and enjoy the game. 
And we have see this in GTA 5 and other games also.

After the Jailbreak of PS4, we can add some mods and we can see that Modding is possible on the Consoles also. But the Developers don't Give the Console Modding option.

So, in GTA 6, Mods should be Officially Available on the PlayStation 5 and The Xbox Series X Also as these Consoles are very much Capable of Running This Game with Good FrameRates and Modding will Not Create a Problem in the Game even if you want to play GTA 6 on 4K Resolution with 60 FPS, Then Also Mods will not create any problems.

The People Can Install and enjoy Mods in the Single Player Mode and They Should be available For Free as they are free on the PC.

2.The Trailer

Yes, This is also one of the Most Wanted Point of GTA 6.
RockStar Games Should Release a Trailer of GTA 6 Now and they should Reveal the Release Date and on which Platforms the Game would be available.

Even If The GTA 6 Releases Late on the PC, then also RockstarGames should tell that when the Gane is coming on the PC. 

And a Teaser trailer should be shown by Rockstar Games atleast in 2020 and they should release the game by early 2021.
As Some Rumours are there that RockstarGames is developing GTA 6 instead of Bully 2. So, they should atleast Publish a Teaser Trailer for us.

1. CJ-Carl Johnson 

The Point that lies on the Top is the Return of CJ-Carl Johnson, The Main Protagonist or Character of GTA San Andreas. 
CJ had a Different Bounding with the people.

But There are very less chances for this point to come True. And This has never happened in the GTA Series that a Character Returned or a Character is Repeated.

But they Should Return CJ in GTA 6, if not as a main Protagonist, then as a Cameo. 

And if this Happens, then Most of the People will be excited and this could be the Best Selling Point for GTA 6.

What Do You Say About These Points ?
Do you Agree or Not ?

 Don't forget to Tell me your Opinions on these points  in the Comments.


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