The New PS5 Update Will Allow You To Store Games On External Storage Devices And Much More

ps5 update

 The new PS5 update is going to be live soon globally and in this article, I am going to tell you everything coming with this new update. This is the first major update coming to the PS5.

This update brings the following features to the PS5:

External Storage Support

 This new feature coming with tomorrow's update will enable the PS5 users to transfer their PS5 games from the main PS5 internal storage to USB external storage devices such as Hard Disk Drive and Other storage devices compatible with the playstation 5.

With this new feature, you can extend your storage for games on the PS5 console. When not playing a particular game stored on your PS5 console  or want to make storage for a New PS5 game, then You can transfer any game to the external storage device and install the new game. When done playing, If you want the game stored on the external storage device back on your Playstation 5 console, you can copy the game to the PS5 internal storage and reinstall it quickly, rather than installing from a physical disc which takes more time as compared to the USB installation.

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But, One thing to note is that, you can't play or download the PS5 games directly from the External storage device as the games are specially designed to take edge of the Playstation 5 super speedy SSD. Yet, when you transfer the games from the external storage device back to the PS5 main storage i.e. the internal storage, then you can play the games and the games will update automatically if you let them update.

• Another feature coming with the update is that once you have transferred the games back from external storage device to the PS5 internal storage, While reinstalling the games you will be asked which game modes you want to install, like Single player campaign or multiplayer or both. This way you can avoid filling your PS5 with the game modes you are not interested to play at the moment.

Please Note- This Feature is not available in all  playstation 5 games. It will be only for selected titles that will officially support this feature on the PS5 console.

Enhancements To Control and Personalised Options

Apart from External Storage Support, various enhancements have been made to controls of the PS5 and personalisation options to make the experience of the Playstation 5 owners more smooth and more of a next generation gaming machine.

Adjust Screen Zoom- You can now adjust the screen size and set it according to your preference and comfort from the Settings menu.

• Game Update Pre-download- Once this new feature is enabled by developers, updates for games will pre-download to your playstation 5 console if you have enabled the “automatic updates” setting and your console is on or in rest mode. This will let you enjoy the latest version of a game instantly after a new update for a game is released. You don't have to wait for the game to be updated as it will be updated automatically in rest mode.

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• Customize Game Library- You can now stop your games to appear in the game library on the PS5 because with this feature you can hide the games from the game library and you can further customize the view of your game library which will make it easier for you to find games and apps on your playstation 5. 

• Disable In-Game Chat or Adjust Players’ Volume-With this feature, now you can easily disable in-game chat, when you do so, your mic will be turned off and the voice audio of other players will be disabled for your end. Moreover, you can also adjust the voice chat volume of each player playing with you in the team

• Enhanced Game Base- The Base menu of the playstation 5 has been enhanced and it will allow you to quickly get into your important content and amazing features.

 it is made easier to switch quickly between Friends and Parties to have you quick chat with your parties and see what game your friends are playing on the PS5. Moreover, you can turn notifications on or off for each party you are in, on the playstation 5.   

• Trophy Settings Updated and Stats Screen- Whenever you acquired a new trophy, A screenshot is taken automatically, but now, with the new update, this feature can be customized. Now you can select when to take screenshot and save videos of various moments like when you obtain a Platinum trophy. 

A brand new Trophy Stats screen is coming on the PS5. This screen will let you know and check the summary of your current trophy level at a single moment.

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Connecting PS4 and PS5

• The Share Play- Players on the PS5 and PS4 consoles will now be able to Share Play while being in the party together. This feature will let the PS4 players to view the gameplay of the PS5 players and The players on the playstation 4 can also play the PS5 games through the Share Play option. 

Also, with this feature you can share your game screen with a friend, let hem play with the abilities of your controller virtually and you can play co-op games together having a equal  great experience of the game.

 • Join Request For Game Sessions- You can now have a selection of your friends whom you will let join game sessions with you. This option will appear on the screebs of PS4 and PS5 players and it will give you opportunities to play together. 

The "Request To Join" option will work as a game invite sender and it will svae your precious time. You can go to the Privacy Settings menu and select who can chat with you in parties, through messages or in the games.

 This was everything you need to know about  the ps5 update.

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