Top 5 Amazing Features Of The New DualSense Controller !!

PS5 Controller, PS5 Controller Features

        Top 5 Features of PS5 Controller

Sony has officially Revealed The Controller of it's upcoming Gaming Console, The PlayStation 5. The Controller is Named as The DualSense 5.

Not Only the Looks and Designs of This new Controller are different from the previous Controllers but it's Features and some Functions are also Different. And These Features are actually AMAZING !!

So, Now we Begin with our Top 5 Features of This Controller.

1. Haptic FeedBack

The Haptic Feedback from the PS5 Controller is the Most Special feature of the Controller.

The DualShock Controller was named by the Working of It's Vibration Motor, means if you will clash with something in the game, then the controller will give you a Feedback in the form of a Shock and it is available in the PlayStation controllers till now and this is liked by everyone.

So This Feature is more enhanced and it is now converted to Haptic Feedback and the name is changed to DualSense means when you start feeling the vibration in your skin by the controller, then you will know that in which type of terrain you are. For example- you are in water, you are walking on a muddy terrain, gou are walking on a road etc. You will Sense All the Things by The Haptic FeedBack only.

2. Adaptive Triggers

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In The Adaptive Triggers, You will Notice the difference between the L2 and R2 Triggers of the Controller.

 A Hydronic System has been given in the Triggers by which they can Adapt the Capability of being pressed means with how much power you can press these triggers and it will depend on the Type of Weapon you have.

For Example-  Suppose,You have a Bow and Arrow in the Tomb Raider Game. If you Stretch the Bow, then you have to press the L2 Trigger with that much power which you need to stretch the Bow. The Wire or String of the Bow is how much tight, you will need that much Power.

The R2 Trigger will depend on the Triggers of your Weapons. Suppose, you have a small pistol, then it will be pressed easily. And if you have a Sniper Rifle,then you have to press it with more Power.
On Combining these things, You will get an Awesome Gaming Experience.

3.Colour Scheme


After Seeing the Controller for the First Time, you must have noticed that there are two Colours coming in the Controller, Black and White. But, you must have also noticed that a Blue Lining is Coming from the Controller. It Means you can have The RGB Lightning in the Controller and the Main Console. It can be a Great Feature.

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4. The Create Button

The Creat Button on a DualSense PS5 Controller is replaced by the Share Button of the PlayStation 4 Controller. It will have all the functions and options of the Share Button.
With this button, you can easily record your Gameplays, you can manage the gameplay clips, etc.
Means if you are a Content Creator, then with this button, it is made more easier for you to manage your work.
This Can be a Great Feature For The Youtubers and other Content Creators.

5. In-Built MicroPhone

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If you do Party Chates or if you talk with your friends or teammates in the game. You don't need to connect any Microphone or other Device to talk with your Teammates and Friends. You can easily speak through the in-Built Microphone. For most of us, This is the Best Feature.

So,These were the 5 Amazing Features of The New DualSense Controller.
My Favourite Feature is the Haptic Feedback. And what's your Favourite Feature ?
Dont Forget to Tell your Favourite Feature in the Comments Below !!



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