World Of Warships Is Free Now On The Epic Games Store

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The Epic Games Store is home to many free to play and free Games and Now, World of Warships have enetered the list of free games on the epic store. 

World of Warships is a naval warfare massively multiplayer online game. It was developed and published by Wargaming.

In this Warship Fightibg adventure, players can battle other ships at random or play cooperative battle types against bots or an advanced player versus environment (PvE) battle mode for a next level challenge.

World of Warships is a  slow-paced, tactical, shooter video game with three basic types of armament: 

• Ship Guns 

• Torpedoes a

• Aircraft. 

The gameplay is team-based,and players need to work as a team for victory in the game. Players can create divisions in a team which allows a trio, group of up to three players to join and fight battles together. The trio teams of players can fight against other players in Player vs Player battles or against the AI Player Vs Environment in several battle types. For the highly skilled players, two seasonal competitive modes are also available in the game.

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In case of Co-op battles a team of players fight against a team of AI-controlled bots where they can earn credit and experience rewards. Rewards earnes in co-op play are comparatively lower than those earned in Random Battles, which are the most preferred battle type in World of Warships.

    A majority of Random Battles are 12 vs 12 battles. Captains are dropped into a game full of other players, according to the matchmaking system.

Ranked Battles are a seasonal battle type and have restrictions for certain tiers of ships. A season of Ranked Battles is divided into sprints and are normally of the duration of 1-3 weeks each and comprises of three Leagues:

• Bronze, 

• Silver  

• Gold. 

Ranked battles involve players progressing up in a ladder-style ranking system in each League from a high rank like "Rank 10" and they head towards a low rank, like Rank 1 being in the pinnacle of the ladder.

Clan Battles are a special battle category. It is only available at specific times and restricted for certain tiers of ships. A team is formed from a single Clan by at least one officer of the clan.

How To Get World Of Warships Free From The Epic Games Store ?

Follow the simple steps below and get world of warships for free from the epic games store added directly to your epic games library. You can claim the game using your mobile phone following these steps.

• Go to Epic Games store from any browser. For PC, you can open the Epic Games Launcher. 

• If you have a Epic games account, then Login with the existing account, else create a New account.

NOTE- Now The Steps are same for both, PC and Mobile Devices.

• Now, Search "world of warships" in the search box. The game will appear on top. Click on it.

• After this, Click on "GET". Now you will reach the final purchase page.

• On the final page, Click on PLACE ORDER".

Congratulations, you have successfully added the game to your epic games library. Download and Play it whenever you want to play.

"You can now Head straight to the Epic Games Store, follow the above steps and enjoy the game". 

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