Rocket League Season 3 Arrives April 7 With New Rivals

rocket league season 3
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Rocket League Players, Get Ready to hit the ball into rocket league season 3,coming April 7, 2021. Get ready for the most Exciting season yet. NASCAR and Formula 1 will also tune in Rocket league in this season.

In celebration of the art of auto racing,  two legends are coming in rocket league. having a perfected speed NASCAR and Formula 1. 

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Both of these titans of the track will be racing into rocket league season 3 with their own exclusive bundles for all the players. 

Since these two legends are arriving in Rocket League this season, they were in need of a new car to compete with these two.

 The engineers at rocket league have  worked hard in the garage fine tuning and test driving a speed demon, The All New Tyranno. 

rocket league tyranno
                 The All New Tyranno (source:rocketleague)

Get ready to take control of this master of dash with a Dominus hitbox which you will be getting in the Season 3 Rocket Pass. The Full Rocket Pass will be revealed by next week.

You need to prepare for the amazing sights and sounds of race day in the newly redesigned DFH Stadium (Circuit design). DFH Stadium will be added to the Casual and Competitive Playlists soon, and will be available for Private Matches and freeplay as the Season 3 starts. 

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The classic Arena has been outfitted with a track and all the pageantry found trackside during a championship Sunday. 

rocket league season 3 will be starting on April 7 following a game update on April 6 at 4 p.m. PDT & 11 a.m. UTC. 

Once the Season begins, new Competitive Tournament Rewards will be introduced, and the new Competitive Season wil mark its beginning.  Season 2 Competitive Rewards will be granted soon after the Season 3 update goes live. 

Get Ready For the Next Rocket league adventure and prepare yourself to game against Formula 1 and NASCAR. 

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