Rage 2 Arrives Next Week In The Epic Games Free Games List With One More Game !!

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You will Rage up with excitment and joy as Epic Games Store is going to give you a chance to grab a awesome game for free from its epic games free games collection. For this week, you have a chance to grab halycon 6 lightspeed edition from the epic games store for free.

Rage 2 game is a first person shooter. It was developed by Avalanche Studios in assistance from id Software and finally published by Bethesda Softworks. It is the successor of Rage the game which made its  release on all platform by 2012.

In Rage 2, Players take in control a ranger named Walker, who is free to explore the game's disastrous open world. 

Walker is the last Ranger of Vineland, who must survive in a world inhabited by dangerous mutants and crazed bandits after it was hit by the asteroid 99942 Apophis. The majority of humankind died during this apocalyptic event. While new settlements and factions emerged, a group called the Authority declared themselves the new military power.

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Players are given some controls over the attributes of the player character, such as choosing the gender, skills, or attire for their player character. 

Walker is able to maintain various weapons and tools to fight against enemies, including some weapons which can return to the player such as the wingstick. Players can develop Walker's skills with Nanotrite powers. 

The game also features a mode called Overdrive in which Walker's guns do more damage, enemies drop more energy and they get healed constantly, giving the players an aggressive way to mow down enemies. Nanotrites from the first game, which act as special powers and ability boosts, can be used to increase combat attacks and efficiency.

 The game also features vehicular combats, including trucks, gyrocopters and old buggies, and the player can drive any vehicle they want to drive in the game's open world.

Absolute Drift, is the other game which is going to be free with rage 2 game next week. So, you will have two free games to grab next week for free. Don't miss out the games.

"Rage 2 game and Absolute Drift will be free to get on the store from February 18, 2021 and will remain free to get till February 25, 2021". 

This was all about the free games at the epic games store next week.

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