Ubisoft 35th Anniversary Rewards: How To Get Rayman Origins Free For A Limited Time

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Ubisoft is celebrating its anniversary with ubisoft 35th anniversary rewards which include the free weekends of some of the most popular ubisoft games like the crew 2 and giving away awesome games like the assassins creed chronicles trilogy, tom clancy splinter cell theory, etc. Now,it has announced another game which you can get for free for a limited time and enjoy forever.

"You can get rayman origins free from december 14 to december 22, 2021 from the ubisoft store". 

How To Get Rayman Origins ?

Firstly Go To This Link👇


•  Enter Your Email id with which you have a ubisoft account and the password. If you don't have the ubisoft account, then create one.

• After This, The Game Will Be Added To Your Ubisoft Connect Library. You can download and enjoy the game whenever you want to.

This was a simple and easy way to get rayman origins free from ubisoft 35th anniversary rewards.

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