Epic Games Store Faces Crashing Issues Once Again After NBA 2K21 Goes Free On The Store

nba 2k21 free
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If you ask me this week, how much is 2k21 then I will answer you back with a word FREE and this is the reason why the epic games store is facing crashing issues once again. 

The epic games mystery games are back again in 2021 after a fifteen days continuous cycle in the end of december 2020, with the first mystery game being a AAA title, NBA 2K21.

As NBA 2K22 is already around the corner and it is expected to be announced soon, the company has given an opportunity to the gamers around the globe, to get nba 2k21 for free via the epic games store. 

NBA 2K21 is the latest installement (for now) in the NBA 2K basketball series. It was developed  by  Visual Concepts and finally published by 2K Sports. It features various game modes for the players to enjoy, and has stunning graphics for a more realistic gaming experience. 

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Some of the game modes in NBA 2K21 are:

My Team Mode

 My Team is a mode which focuses on the idea of building a ultimate basketball team and also requires you to  maintain a virtual trading card collection. Players need to assemble and play with their team in basketball tournament competitions against other players' teams in various formats.

My Career Mode

My Career is a career mode in which the player needs to  create their own  basketball player which they can customize through various available options and play through their basketball career. 

Players can choose a male character. The option to choose a female character is only available on next-gen consoles, such as The PS5 and Xbox Series X.

"Usually, NBA 2K21 costs around $30, but you can grab the game for free from the epic games store till May 27, 2021". 

This was all about the epic games free mystery game for this week. The timer for the mystery game for next week has already begun. Go ahead and grab NBA 2K21 for free before time takes it away from your hands.


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