Epic Games Free Games : Crying Suns Goes Free To Get On The Epic Games Store This Week !!

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After the end of the epic games free mystery game giveaway, epic games store is back to normal, and it will be giving one free game evry week as earlier. 

This week, Crying Suns has came out from the epic games free games collection. 

About Crying Suns

Crying Suns is a tactical rogue-lite game released in 2019. It was developed by Alt Shift and finally published by Humble Bundle for various platforms which include Windows, MacOS, Android and iOS.

About The Gameplay Of Crying Suns

You Play as a space fleet commander, exploring a mysteriously fallen empire. You have to perform various tasks like fighting against other space fleets, exploring planets and meeting with the inhabitants of the decaying galaxy.

As a deep, story-driven game experience, each successful gameplay will uncover a part of the underlying and untold truth about the fall of the Galactic Empire. It includes space exploration, tactical fights, and a amazing dramatic storyline.

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Crying Suns is Free To Get For this week from January 7, 2021 and it will remain free to get till January 14, 2021. Add this game to your epic games library before it loses the free to get title on the epic games store.

This was all about one of the new, but temporary epic games free games, that is, Crying Suns.

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  1. My first time reading a game blog. Great job.

  2. It’s sad to hear that the deadline has passed🙆🏽‍♂️

    1. That's true, but there are always new free games on epic games store. Subscribe to email to get latest updates from my site as soon as I post my article, so you don't miss the game the next time😊


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