Top 5 Amazing Things about Assassin's Creed : Valhalla !! All Major Information Revealed By Ubisoft !!

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Ubisoft has finally revealed it's next  Upcoming Game from the Assassin's Creed Series, Assassin's Creed : Valhalla with a amazing Cinematic Trailer and it is Coming in Holiday 2020 means in the month of November or December this year.

Firstly, let's see The Major Information Revealed By Ubisoft about the game :

1. The Game will be available on  the  Following Platforms :
PS5, PS4
Xbox One, Xbox Series X 
Google Stadia.

2. The Game is Available for Pre-Order on Epic Games Store and Ubisoft Store.

They revealed many things about the game with the Cinematic Trailer also. 

3. The Game can be based on Vikings, this means that the events of the Ninth Century can be Covered in the game and this game will be a RPG Game which we have expected.

About the Story Base Of the Game

In this Game, we will Follow the Story of Eivor who travels to different Locations in order to save his Clan.
The Royals are against the Vikings Civilization and their battle will be converted into the Story of the game.

Now, we will talk about the Top 5 Things that you should Know about This Upcoming game of Ubisoft.

So, here we begin with our Top 5 Things of Assassin's Creed : Valhalla :

1. Character Costumization and Skills Advanced

You can select the Character as Male or Female. You vmcan customize and change the Hair, Clothing and Gears all are Customizable.

And the game will also Contain Choices that will define the Course and Gameplay of the Game and the game also contains Dialogue Choices.

For the First time, the Developers have taken Customization to the Next-Level.  And you can also Customize the Looks of Your Gears which are used in the game.
 Ubisoft Might take Money From you in Return of Some Advanced and Virtual Skins.

2. Gamer's Second Home

Secondly, Ubisoft Revealed that they have created the game as a Second Home for Gamers as you have to grow your Family and Clan. 

As the Time will pass, You will have Big Settlements and you can also Construct Buildings which will have there Specific Purpose.

So, Growing and Taking Care of these Settlements and Buildings is Focused in order to make you find something Meaningful in the Game.

The game will also Focus on the Emotional Attachments, which will be created between You and Your Family in the Game.

3. The Open World in the game  Will Be Huge

The Journey of Eivor will take him and His Viking Community from Norway to the Four Kingdoms of England and whenever you wish, you can return to Norway.

The Director of the game has Confirmed that the Game will be a Beautiful One. And we can also see the Beautiful Locations in the Trailer also.

The Four Kingdoms of England which will be Included in the Game are :
1. Wessex
3.East Anglia
4. Mercia

And many more surprises will be included to experience the Vikings Fantasy in the Assassin's Creed World.

4. Naval Combats

The Ubisoft Montreal which has Developed the Assassin's Creed IV : Black Flag is Developing this game also. 
So, this tells us that Naval Combat would be definitely Included in the upcoming Assassin's Creed : Valhalla and it is also shown in the trailer of the game as if  Vikings will travel anywhere they will definitely use Ships.

 So, if the Vikings will use Ships, then the Naval Combat is a part which cannot be separated from the game.

5. Norse Gods Can Be Present in The Game

Now, in a part of the trailer, we have seen Odin, who disappears when Eivor Saw him. This Means that Norse Gods can also come in the game to help the Vikings.

 The Director didn't Revealed much as he wanted that some things should be revealed with the Game, But he Revealed that Eivor is a Spiritual Person and he Believes in Norse Gods and we can see the Norse Gods Mythology in the Game.

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Now, Here is One More Amazing Point For All Of You.

6. This Game will be Released in Three Editions which are as Follows :

1. Standard Edition

The Standard Edition is available on Epic Games Store for $44 (₹3,300) and it will only have  the Game. It doesn't have the Season Pass which will be Introduced in the Game.

2. Gold Edition

The Gold Edition is Available on Epic Games Store for $74 (₹5,550) and it will have the game with the Season Pass if you purchase it.

3. Ultimate Edition

The Ultimate Edition is Available on Epic Games Store For $80 (₹6,000) and it will have the Game, The Season Pass and The Ultimate Pack.

The Ultimate Pack includes the Berserker Gear Pack, the Berserker Settlement Pack, Berserker LongShip Pack and a Set of Runes.  

This was All about the Assassin's Creed : Valhalla.



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