Epic Games Free Games 2021: Get Dead By Daylight For Free This Week

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Epic games store is well known to giveaway free games every week from its wide collection of games. It is giving away two games for free this week, but one of them is just a not to miss title.

From the epic games free games 2021 collection, we are getting dead by daylight for free. This game comes under $10 (₹650) if you purchase it, but for this entire week, you can get dead by daylight and another game by the name "while true: Learn []"for free. This game costs around $5 (₹303) if you purchase it from anywhere. Lets know about dead by daylight game. 

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Dead by Daylight is a great Multiplayer horrifying survival game. It was developed by Behaviour Interactive and launched on different gaming platforms in 2016 and for nintendo switch in the year 2019. The game has also been ported to Android, iOS and for the next gen consoles, the Playstation 5 and xbox series X|S  last year with major improvements according to the platforms.

About The Gameplay Of Dead By Daylight

The gameplay featurea a one vs four online multiplayer match where one player becomes a savage killer and the other four players take the role of survivors. The main task of the survivors is to try their best to escape the killer while at the same time,  avoid being captured and sacrificed to a dangerous and merciless force known by the name "Entity".

The main task of the killers is not to Kill, but hunt the survivors and capture them and for this they may use their weapon or grab them in a single move by catching them in an unnoticed and unexpected way. 

You can get dead by daylight for free till November 9, 2021, download and play it whenever you want.

The game is quite old, but still a great experienc if you are looking for a horror survival game full of adventure and action. 

This was all about dead by daylight game from the epic games free games 2021 collection this week.



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