Red Dead Online Getting New Horse Races And Bonuses This Week

red dead online

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 This week red dead online is getting a new challenge for the players and their horses with even more bonuses and discounts.

 RDR Online players will have plenty of opportunities to work their way to a full rage horse racing series against a field full of worthy opponents.

This week you will be get a chance to compete in eight new Races which includes various different challenges such as Point to Point, Lap Races. Moreover, New variants of classic Races Target Races will also be introduced this week. 

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This week Bonus awards which you will get in the races, include giving you  3X RDO$ and XP. If you succeed to get yourself  in the Top 3 in the Horse Races, then you will earn a chance to get  40% off on any Saddle. Moreover, If you complete any of the new Race, then  you will earn another offer to  get a good Improved Bow and 20 Arrows.

This week is Your Last Chance To Grab:

• Fanned Stovepipe Hat

• Eberhart Coat

• Macbay Jacket

• Chambliss Corset

• Danube Outfit 

After this week, you will not be able to get them. So, grab them before this week ends.

Discounts This Week In RDR Online

• All Race Horse breeds will remain on sale for 30% off.

• Saddlebags, Stirrups, Outfits, and the Bow will remain on sale for 40% off 

• You can grab The Evans Repeater for half off this week.

This was all about the Red Dead Online updates for this week. Go ahead and show your skills in the horse races this week !!

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