Red Dead Online Put Forward New Missions Available Via Telegram This Time

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New missions arrive in red dead online via telegram this time and these missions present new freelance prospects in the frontier. Three New Solo missions have arrived in the game known as the "Telegram Missions". These missions are Calling all outworkers and hired guns roaming at the frontier in Red Dead Online and coming down from a mysterious source known as “J,” A New Source of Employment. These missions are for the hands willing to complete dangerous tasks and assignments for monetary rewards.

The three solo missions are:

1. Rich Pickings

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Rumor is all around that the mayor of Saint Denis is busy lining his pockets with seized jewels which are being smuggled into the States. The Mayor keeps his stash in his tightly guarded manor. Your mission is to break in alone, snatch all the gems, and get back out alive.

2. Outrider

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This second solo from red dead online missions starts where A wagon is making its way out of Brittlebrush Trawl and they are in a requirement of a skilled individual to provide backup against attackers and roadblocks en route. 

Either you escort on horseback or ride shotgun, it depends totally on you, but if the driver dies the whole responsibility will be on you to get the wagon to its destination by any means necessary  and don’t ask too many questions about the cargo from the gang.

3. A One Horse Deal

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The Braithwaites are arranging a deal to buy a prized, untrained white Arabian racehorse from Emerald Ranch, this can be the red dead online best horse. Your task is to intercept the deal, tame this unpredictable white beast, and deliver the steed to your contact. This is a horse of a very high value, so you are expected to know that the guards will give a great pursuit.

How To Get Started With The Red Dead Online Telegram Missions ?

To launch "A New Source of Employment" aka telegram missions, check your mailbox at any local Post Office or your Camp Lockbox. 

For all lone frontier explorers, these three missions are solo play only. You can view the Telegram in your Satchel to bring up any or all relevant information before setting out for the adventure and keep an eye out for new missions with the the future updates.

Each new mission features three difficulty levels to choose from and this adventure will become increasingly challenging with each replay. 

This was all about the new red dead online telegram missions. Join and enjoy the adventure !!

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