IO Interactive Clarifies, No Need To Repurchase Hitman 1 And 2 To Enjoy In Hitman 3 PC, Free Gift Announced For All Early PC Players !!

hitman 3 pc
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Before the launch of Hitman 3 pc, it was declared that PC users need to purchase  Hitman 1 and 2 again in order to enjoy their missions in Hitman 3 story. 

But, Now, IO Interactive has finally clarified that there is no need for the PC users to purchase hitman 1 and hitman 2 to play the amazing missions of these two in the story of hitman 3 pc . 

Moreover,The players who have pre-purchased, purchase or, will purchase tbe the game in the first 10 days, will be getting a special in-game gift.

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IO interactive made this clarification from its official twitter account, announcing the free in-game gift for all early players at the same time.

Here's the official announcement by IO Interactive👇

hitman 3 pc
      (source: IO Interactive twitter)

So, All Early PC players will be getting the HITMAN1GOTY access pass and it is guaranteed that there is no need to repurchase the games. 

This was also about the announcement by IO interactive for hitman 3 pc players If you haven't got the game for yourself till now, then get it and Enjoy !! 

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